We make complex matters simple by offering
coaching, mentoring and training that produce concrete results for individuals and organizations

Menslab’s international team provides innovative and effective programs of training and specialization in coaching and mentoring, in-house academies and management training for organizations, and courses for professional and personal development.
With its coaches, mentors and supervisors, Menslab develops customized programs in coaching and mentoring to respond to clients’ true evolutionary needs.

Paths for businesses

For businesses we offer in-house business academies for coaches and mentors, programs of managerial and professional training, and paths in coaching and mentoring, updated constantly to guarantee the greatest possible effectiveness.

  • Formazione manageriale

  • Scuole Aziendali

  • Coaching e Mentoring

Coaching Fundamentals
Coaching Professional
Coaching Mastery
Systemic evolutionary coach certification as ACTP

Coach training

The school of coaching offers programs approved by the International Coach Federation that make it possible to acquire basic competencies, become a professional coach, and achieve mastery through specialization.

Coaching specializations

The programs of higher training for coaches, international diplomas, and programs for mentor coaches and supervisors enable professional coaches and mentors to specialize and interact with successful professionals at an international level.

High-level training for coaches, mentor coaches and supervisors, coach trainers0%
Diploma in team coach and mentor0%
Diploma in executive coach0%
Diploma in mentor coach and supervisor0%
Diploma in coach trainer and facilitators0%

Summer school

Training in communication and coaching

Personal and professional coaching

Personal development

The paths of personal and professional development designed by the Menslab team accompany participants in acquiring powerful communicative tools and strategies for achieving concrete results and well-being.

Who we are and how we work

We firmly believe that a wise person is one who takes the time to be aware of having learnt: for this reason we create spaces for extremely productive learning and practice which make full use of the participants’ experience.
All Menslab partners are coaches and trainers with international experience who manage a successful business.

Discover the philosophy behind Menslab’s programs and the senior coaches, mentors and supervisors who design, coordinate and facilitate the programs.

Our commitment to quality