What are the characteristics of a successful coach?

In Menslab’s experience we have been able to observe how coaches who have truly developed successful professional activity share certain characteristics.
They pay extreme attention to professional deontology and with their clients set out on a completely courteous approach, accepting only those commitments that – with their level of competence – can produce value for the client;
They are aware of numerous approaches and methodologies, going far beyond the 11 core competencies as codified by the ICF;
They continually practise new work methods for themselves and their clients, constantly interacting with expert supervisors;
They have complete faith in the client’s ability and continually invite him/her to be a partner in the design of his/her coaching program;
They know how to distinguish clearly between contents and processes and carry out their role by facilitating the processes that enable the client to acquire new and useful perspectives that will allow him/her to move towards concrete results;
They have developed a profound capacity for listening, which goes beyond what is expressed verbally, and use this ability to form questions and observations that are particularly effective for the client;
They possess entrepreneurial and management competencies that allow them to build and carry forward their professional activity;
They keep constantly up-to-date and have an international network of reference with which they interact in such a way as to be able to offer to their clients whatever has been best developed in the field.

These considerations are at the root of the professional coach training that we offer at Menslab through our most complete program: systemic evolutionary coach training and certification.

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