Coaching mastery

Coaching mastery – Paths of specialization for professional coaches

Specialization programs and high-level training for professional coaches who want to work towards mastery in coaching

Coaching Mastery represents the opportunity to rise to what is most impressive in the world of coaching. The program is for students who have completed Coaching Fundamentals and Coaching Professional, or for more expert coaches coming from other accredited training programs or possessing an ICF –International Coach Federation – individual accreditation.

There are many specialization programs contributing to mastery level training, part of the systemic evolutionary coach training and certification program. These programs are all approved by the ICF – International Coach Federation, which awards credits for continuing coaching education (CCE) in the core competencies.

As well as these programs Menslab offers the opportunity to expert coaches to take diplomas in specific areas relevant to coaching, such as mentoring and supervision, training, and strategic consultancy, to enhance one’s own professional capacity and expand business results.

The specialization programs are the following:
Advanced level diplomas and international workshops

Every year Menslab sets up a number of innovative paths, facilitated by the best international coaches and trainers, that lead towards diplomas in mentoring and supervision and other disciplines. Apart from paths towards certification, during the year Menslab makes different specialization opportunities available, both during the summer school at Cagliari, and in Milan, Rome and Madrid, as well as through workshops in video-conferencing that can be attended whatever your location.

Learn more about Menslab’s summer school.

Teaching teams of excellence: training in team coaching - 22,5 hours

A workshop which enables the specific methodology of team coaching to be learnt in three phases developed by Menslab through the processes of observation, supervision and participation.
Participants will practise as team coaches using specific tools and processes provided by the trainers. All participants will receive supervision of their work with the team.

Teams that create value: from team coaching to team mentoring - 22,5 hours

A training program that will enhance participants’ work competencies with teams through a mentoring approach. There are other phases in which the team, after a certain period of work, begins to acquire dysfunctional habits and strategies and repeats them automatically, either because it is not possible to observe them from within, or because the team has not paused to recognize them, or indeed because it is unaware of the possibilities for generating flexibility and change.

The continued focus on the creation of value, also through adaptation, transformation, and the practice of new work methods, is channelled through the feedback of a neutral and impartial observer who can offer precise information on what is observed and share possible alternative working methods that will allow the team to regain, maintain and develop its effectiveness.

This impartial observer is the team’s mentor or supervisor, who, by means of a wise use of the coaching approach and thanks to precise competence in teamwork’s best practices, can generate new possibilities by adding value to the team’s contributions and those of individual members, as well as offering new working possibilities based on the best practices.

Coaching, mentoring and supervision - 7,5 hours

Master coaches’ best practices for developing extremely effective coaching that is useful to clients. By means of numerous examples and case studies, participants will recognize what makes coaching an art that generates evolution for both clients and the coach.

Coaching and neuroscience - 22,5 hours

A workshop for learning the scientific fundamentals that are at the basis of the success of coaching and mentoring methodologies. A path to learn coaching and mentoring strategies developed from neuro-scientific discoveries. The path focuses particularly on habits, learning processes and languages.

Somatic coaching - 15 hours

A path for learning how to use the body’s wisdom to generate changes of perspective, test the effect of desired results, activate attention and focus towards results.
By means of numerous practices that provide for movement, participants acquire a store of tools that can be used immediately with their clients.

The languages of well-being - 15 hours

An experience in the world of persuasive languages that enable self-motivation, the creation of ‘internal rules’ that facilitate reaching results, and communication that the other parties in an interaction, whoever they may be, find congenial and completely respectful.

Coaching for career and professional choices - 15 hours

A path orientated towards facilitating and widening, by means of specific coaching methods, professional choices based on personal characteristics. This path is particularly suitable for accompanying people through work transitions, developing possibilities for choosing the most appropriate studies and profession, and for identifying areas of influence in order to find balance between the different areas of life and professional evolution.

Tools and techniques of corporate coaching - 15 hours

A program that enables the acquisition of specific competencies and techniques for designing and managing coaching programs inside businesses and organizations.
The module makes it possible to understand and practise specific approaches for the construction of a tri-lateral contract, the management of relationship with the different corporate functions, and the specific commitment and attention used to activate a coaching relationship, which includes specific objectives defined by the business among the goals of the program.

The business of coaching - 15 hours

An in-depth program for those who want to make coaching their independent profession.
Participants will learn how to start coaching activity, how to identify target clients, how to prepare their marketing plan, and how to create a belief system and support method for development of their professional activity.

Inspiring learning - 15 hours

Participants following this program will learn to create spaces and learning contexts that are useful for generating rapid and pleasing changes. Coaching is basically an evolutionary process that passes from awareness to learning.

Inspiring wisdom - 22,5 hours

A workshop dedicated to holistic coaching. Awareness and learning can pass through different dimensions: rational understanding and voluntary choice, somatics and movement to generate new possibilities of thought, and recognition of the profound depth of life’s scope for finding motivation. During the three days a series of activities and techniques will be analysed that can be used to create an awareness better suited to the client for generating the evolution she or he desires.

Inspiring presence - 7,5 hours

Strategies of self-management for creating a space in which the client can express himself or herself completely and move towards new awareness and results. The path enables them to practice effective procedures for boosting the coach’s presence during the sessions.

Inspiring presentations - 22,5 hours

A path for learning the techniques and strategies for presenting coaching and other professional activities in contexts of groups or in front of an audience. The course enables the practice of models that facilitate the involvement and participation of the public during any kind of presentation.

Inspiring listening - 22,5 hours

A seminar to empower real listening, going beyond what the words convey and taking in the client’s real questions and true objectives.
By means of this path the coaches will learn the secrets that master coaches use to listen in depth and to use the information gained to promote the client’s evolution, recognizing the belief structure, the thought processes, the strategies of motivation and choice, and many other items of information fundamental for offering clients highly valuable coaching.

Inspiring questions - 22,5 hours

The objective of this workshop is how to formulate questions in total partnership with the client, in such a way as to inspire the client and create a new awareness.
Participants will develop a listening capacity that will enable them to identify with extreme clarity at which level and from what perspective the client is facing the situation, so as to formulate questions that may open up different visions and increase possibilities.
The training is focused upon trust, presence and deep listening, in such a way that the coach learns to recognize ‘what question is the client asking’.
The numerous practicals will allow the coaches to gain great awareness as to how their own thought strategies and presuppositions can strongly influence the quality of questions.
Participants will be continually invited to go beyond their thinking style to discover new possibilities for creating questions that are effective, original, and, above all, useful for their clients.

Inspiring partnership - 22,5 hours

A training course designed to carry coaching and mentoring to a new level, thanks to the development of the capacity to continually invite the client to be the co-builder of his or her coaching session.
Over the days the coaches will recognize what is important for being a true partner for the client and how it is possible to restore to the client every choice, by steering him/herself towards what is most useful to him/her at that moment in the path or coaching session.
Coaching built in total partnership is one of the most empowering and valuable experiences for the client and is the characteristic of coaching at mastery level.

Inspiring mentoring - 22,5 hours

Many coaches have specific areas of competence, for example, in the subject matter of communication rather than in personal organization or other areas.
This path is intended to improve the coaches’ competence in the specific strategies of mentoring, to be used for sharing their own experience, when required by the client or organization.
In this seminar coaching competencies will be retraced from the perspective of mentoring and, in particular, the use of direct communication will be dealt with in depth, extremely useful for offering clients observations that can increase their motivation, create awareness of resources, and accompany them to a new level of success.

Find out about Menslab’s international certification for team coaches and team mentors, executive coaches, mentor coaches and supervisors, and coach trainers and facilitators.
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