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Coaching Professional – Linguistic Precision and Systemic Coaching

Coaching Professional is the program dedicated to those who possess solid basic competencies as coaches and wish to advance their linguistic precision and learn systemic coaching.

The training modules developed inside the Coaching Professional open the way to going beyond the core competencies defined by the ICF – the International Coach Federation – and acquiring the linguistic precision and systemic vision that enable extraordinary rise in the effectiveness of the coaching process.

The Coaching Professional path can be taken both by those who have already completed the coaching fundamentals program or a similar program in another coaching school, and by coaches who hold an ICF credential.

Coaching Professional constitutes the second phase of the systemic evolutionary coach training and certification program and consists of two basic courses:

  • Languages of precision – 27.5 hours;
  • Systemic coaching – 27.5 hours.

The Coaching Professional program is delivered in 55 hours of training.

On completion of the two training modules participants will receive Menslab certification attesting to 55 hours of specific coach training approved by the ICF (ACSTH – Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) which can be used, together with the other requirements, to attain accreditation from the ICF.

By attending one of the two courses participants will receive attestation of the relative number of hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE).

The main components of the program are:
Languages of precision
27,5 hours

By means of this module participants will understand the different languages of precision and learn to use them effectively to set up the coaching relationship.

As well as acquiring particularly effective communicative tools, participants will begin to develop their capacity for multi-sensorial listening and asking questions of extreme precision, and will practise the art of direct communication, easily comprehensible to anyone else in an interaction.

Understanding of different languages will also enable them to recognize the power that internal dialogue has in generating possibilities, maintaining focus towards objectives, and activating motivation.

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A course of specialization directed at coaches to develop their ability to ask particularly precise questions and communicate in a clear and direct way, so as to produce truly valuable results for clients.
How would your coaching change if your language was particularly precise?
What would your clients say if you were able to offer them questions and observations that create great awareness?
What impact would it have on your profession to be always conscious of the effect your language produced on clients?

This program is directed towards coaches who have solid training in fundamental coaching competencies and want to empower their effectiveness by learning to use the tools of linguistic precision developed in the sphere of neuro-linguistic programming.

At the end of the program participants will receive attestation certifying 27.5 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE) recognized by the ICF.

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Systemic coaching
27,5 hours

This part of training will enable participants to work through coaching with a systemic approach which takes account of how the client’s situation influences and is influenced by systems of belonging (family, company, social groups…). While it is certainly true that teaching outcomes can be entirely attributed to the client’s direct accountability, it is equally true that through his actions the client brings about change and reaction in the systems of which he is a part.

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A course of specialization in the systemic approach to coaching which provides tools and techniques for analysing relationships and generating new balances.
How would our clients’ results be bettered if they were to discover how to influence and be influenced by the contexts in which they work?
What advantages would clients have if coaching were to offer them clear understanding of the elements in play in the situations which they would like to change?

This program enables understanding of the systemic approach and integrating it in one’s own coaching. This approach will accompany the client in using new points of observation in order to gain an awareness useful for developing possibilities and making choices while taking account of the reciprocal influences existing within systems of belonging.

The systemic approach recognizes the inter-relationships between the various components of a system. It promotes recognition of the contribution of each role and allows us to identify possibilities of action that go beyond the normal analysis of contexts based on individuals and the relationships closest to hand.

By attending the program, participants will be able to carry on an interaction following a systemic approach, from the phase of definition of outcomes, to the development of possibilities, and then to choices and construction of the plan of action.

At the end of the program participants will receive attestation certifying 27.5 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE) recognized by the ICF.

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