Corporate coaching and mentoring

Corporate coaching and mentoring

For businesses and organizations that want to excel, Menslab offers paths ahead for executives, businesses, corporate coaching and team coaching, and programs of mentoring to accompany the best resources in the development of their talents.

Coaching is a partnership by means of which it is possible to develop the habit of identifying creative solutions for different situations, of recognising and using one’s own talents, and of developing new abilities, competencies and strategies.

Mentoring offers the possibility of activating a positive engagement with a more expert professional figure in specific sectors in order to gain, at speed, independence in specific activities or professional roles.

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Executive coaching

This is the coaching intended for executive roles and is strongly orientated to the development of approaches and methods that increase the possibility of being effective in complex situations.

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Paths for executive coaching intended for directors and business management to accompany them in innovation and strategic thinking.

Those who hold strategic roles in a business frequently find themselves having to take decisions that have important outcomes for the whole business.

Who can the managers share with when they feel the pressure of a choice to make or when they want to check if other possibilities, not yet considered, could exist?
How can they recognize and use the resources which they already possess and how can they plan the development of new competencies and abilities?

Menslab’s executive coaches are senior coaches, with international experience, who can offer to those invested with great accountability a context of conversation based upon questions and observations meant to promote the development of new possibilities to produce high quality choices that, obviously, can only be made functional by the manager.

In the space offered by the programs of executive coaching directors can take time to recognize the resources at their disposal and can experiment with methods of creative and strategic thought that increase the options for producing the desired results.

In order to create the best learning context, Menslab makes a network available for executives of master certified coaches and professional certified coaches with whom to set up an effective and productive engagement.

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Corporate coaching

These are coaching programs planned to support specific projects of change management or business development. The programs of corporate coaching are directed towards strategic figures who are fundamental to the success of the project of development and change.

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Programs of corporate coaching to increase the effectiveness of operations of change management and as a support for management training.

Programs of corporate coaching open the way to empowering the results of other operations of business development and evolution, such as training, systems of appraisal of performance and potential, mapping out of roles and competencies, definition of work procedures, and addressing the matter of accompanying those who receive coaching in developing competencies and strategies that enable them to acquire complete independence.

Thanks to Menslab’s vast network of international coaching professionals it is possible today, for those businesses wanting to obtain long-lasting results, to take advantage of quality coaching services based on a common methodology and approach and carried out by coaches with different levels of experience, so as to be able to respond to whatever the organization’s needs are.

Menslab’s network of corporate coaches can operate, with a common methodology, in many languages, to guarantee the operation of services for multinational businesses.

The corporate coaching programs are designed following a systemic approach which takes into consideration the variables in play in order to obtain concrete results.

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Coaching and mentoring for talents

These programs accompany the talents and those with high potential in expressing their qualities and individual abilities and promote both the strengthening of abilities and transversal competencies and the development of leadership.

Find out how to develop the talents in your business
Coaching and mentoring are very successful in accompanying talents in expressing their potential and assuming roles of growing accountability.
Which stratagems increase the possibility of a talent confirming his/her potential and bringing increasing results to the business?

Many organizations invest strongly in business talents, conscious of the importance of preparing the management of the future.

Those with high potential often have high expectations and want to bring about results as soon as possible.
The coaching and mentoring paths for talents and high-potentials designed by Menslab enable these fundamental resources for the business to be accompanied along a road of growth and progressive and effective consolidation.

Thanks to coaching and mentoring, talents in a business can recognize which competencies they already have and pick out those to develop, acquiring a capacity to read the context, do the research, and integrate feedback constructively.

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Group coaching

Coaching exercises carried out in homogeneous groups made up of professionals who have similar development objectives.

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Several individuals and professional families have similar needs of development which can be met successfully in group coaching.

Several transversal competencies and specific areas of development are often common to certain roles or professional families.

In these situations group coaching is the best choice because it allows the business to obtain a plurality of results:

promoting the learning of individual resources thanks to engagement with colleagues;

creating a positive and supportive climate between the people who participate in the group;

receiving individual attention, even in a group context;

optimising investment in human resources development.

Group coaching can be carried out in groups of different sizes and is particularly useful for developing competencies such as work organization and time management, negotiation, delegation, effective communication, and decision-making processes.

The group coaches who accompany the group in its development must possess, as well as the competencies of professional coaches, specific competencies in managing a learning group. For those organizations that wish to begin group coaching paths, Menslab offers expert coaches who guarantee the complete management of the learning process.

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Team coaching and team mentoring

Programs of coaching for executive teams and work groups in the development of strategies and dynamics that will produce results. The objective of the programs is to contribute to the building of a team that is particularly impressive in gaining business results.

Find out how to build a team focused upon concrete results
Team coaching and mentoring accompany a team in developing highly successful work strategies that generate quality choices.
What makes a team a winner?
Which competencies and strategies, once acquired, lead a team to create value?

Team coaching allows a working group, whether it be a board of directors, a sports team, or a research and development team, to take just a few examples, to train themselves in effective work strategies which allow all the team components to make their own contribution.

A team coaching path accompanies the team towards identifying and integrating in their work common models of communication, processes of analysis and decision-making, and systems of monitoring and planning that increase the possibility of gaining concrete and important results.

In the process of team coaching several executive teams can benefit from specific moments of team mentoring in which the team coach and mentor works with the team to accompany it towards identifying and using the best practices of highly successful teams.

At Menslab we are leaders in the sector of team coaching and team mentoring, having trained over a hundred coaches in this methodology.

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The paths of mentoring provide for linking resources in a business with an expert in specific areas (leadership, successful communication, delegation) to speed up the acquisition of competencies and complete integration into complex roles.

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Mentoring speeds up integration in new roles thanks to sharing experience of success.
How can we capitalize on the experience already present in a business?
How can we speed up integration in new roles and the development of independence?
How can we learn quickly and in a customized fashion?

These questions are answered in the paths of mentoring in which an expert in a certain activity accompanies an individual who is ‘learning the business’ in his development.

A program of mentoring accompanies a resource who is beginning a new professional activity or taking on a role with new accountability in a rapid path towards autonomy.

Menslab’s expert mentors can also, together with your most expert internal resources, construct highly successful mentoring programs that can be managed completely independently within the business.

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