Personal and professional development

Courses, workshops and coaching and mentoring paths for personal and professional growth

The secrets of Menslab’s coaches, trainers and mentors available for those looking for solid, effective and significant personal growth.

How can I really communicate my ideas?
What are the secrets to improving balance and effectiveness?
What will serve to carry my projects forward?
How can one learn determination?
How can I talk to myself to increase well-being?
What are the keys to motivation?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions and if you want to invest in yourself to better the quality of your life and relationships, the Menslab workshops are at your disposal.

The experience of Menslab trainers, coaches and mentors is at your disposal in the workshops of personal and professional development open to the public, in the training in communication and coaching competencies, and through customized paths of coaching and mentoring.

The workshops, such as, for example, the summer school, enable living important experiences of evolution, growth and personal and professional development through the practice of the most effective tools, and of approaches and techniques used by great communicators, sportsmen and managers.

In the workshops, as in the training paths, you will have at your disposal, for yourself, coaching and training excellence to make use of in taking important steps ahead in your life, in your work, and in relationships.

The workshops of personal and professional growth are organized in splendid locations and are developed so as to make every experience unique and significant.

The training paths can be attended in various cities and online. The personal coaching and mentoring can be organized in various localities and as distance-learning.

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Summer school

From 2010 the summer school has been a fixture for growth and evolution in a pleasant and relaxing context. Every year the school offers, to all those who want it, Menslab’s paths of excellence.
The summer school is held at Cagliari, in Sardinia, and enables sharing of moments of great development, meeting Menslab trainers and coaches and the companions on your journey who come from all over Europe.

Training in communication and coaching

Strategies for communicating effectively with others and ourselves and the tools and techniques of coaching excellence can be used by anyone wishing to take a step forward in their life and profession.
Menslab enables particularly motivated people, who wish to access the best programs, to participate in the workshops in which expert coaches and trainers are trained, sharing an experience of personal and professional growth with professionals who have made people’s development their work.

Personal and professional coaching

Do you want to have an expert coach at your disposal, to accompany you towards the results you desire?
Menslab, through its network of professional coaches, mentors and trainers, can offer you a personal path, or one in a small group, to discover your own true objectives and accompany you towards what you desire.

All Menslab’s coaches are professional coaches, trained in the main coaching schools of the world and certified at a level of ACC – Associate Certified Coach, PCC – Professional Certified Coach or MCC – Master Certified Coach by the ICF – International Coach Federation, the largest professional organization for certification of professional coaches and coach training programs.

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