Privacy and Cookies

Cookies serve to improve navigation and the contents on offer and to optimize the user’s experience. As required by the directives of the Code of Protection of personal data, it is necessary that the user be informed and give consent for the use of cookies. By following the navigation without modifying the settings of your browser, you are agreeing to receive all the cookies of this website.

When a request or email contact is sent to, permission will be sought for the use of the personal data. We commit ourselves to protecting the privacy of all our users and consider the personal information that our clients provide extremely confidential. The information which we receive will be used for the purpose of improving and customizing the services offered and will only be used if authorization to do so is granted, and in every case, in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree 196/03.


Menslab Srl, in conformity with article 13 D.Lgs.196/03, declares that data will be collected for the purpose of contacting the user in providing the information requested and will be treated electronically in conformity with current legislation.
Providing the data is obligatory in that this is aimed at allowing access to the services supplied by Menslab Srl through its website A possible refusal to provide the data leads to the service being annulled. The party concerned has the rights referred to in article 7 D.Lgs 196/03.

What personal information do we collect?

Information given to us by the clients: the data is used to communicate with users, customize the services procured, and improve offers and services. – Automatic information: any information received when users interact with our site, thanks to ‘cookies’. – Email communications: we use a telematic exchange to maintain a relation and continuing exchange of information with our users and clients. At any time, anyone is free, by means of a simple communication, to indicate his/her non-interest in continuing to receive our emails. – Information from other sources: with the aim of improving and customizing the services offered we may also receive data and information regarding the users through other sources and add them to our private archive (used for purposes of internal study).

Can the information given to Menslab Srl be shared?

No. Information about our users is strictly confidential; in no way will it be given or sold to third parties. All the data are gathered for the sole purpose of providing the service requested by our users and will not be made public.

Cookies are alpha-numeric indicators which are recorded on the hard disk of your computer through the web browser. Cookies cannot transmit viruses or install malware. To take advantage of Menslab’s services, it is necessary to enable cookies. We use cookies analytics to collect information, in an aggregate form and therefore anonymous, on the number of users and on how they visit our site, with the aim of being able to improve the navigation experience for all users and to collect indispensable data for the creation of internal case histories. European and Italian legislation lay down that the user should be appropriately informed on the use of this data and give their valid consent to such use. Reference is made to this in Article 122 of the Code where it states that ‘Archiving in computer terminal equipment of information of a contracting party or user or access to information already archived are only allowable on the condition that the contracting party or user has expressed his or her own consent after being informed with the simplified procedures referred to in Article 13, paragraph 3’ (art.122, para.1 of the Code of protection of personal data). We give more information on the page dedicated to Guarantee of Privacy.

How to disable cookies?

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) are configured to accept cookies. The cookies memorized on the hard disk of your computer can, however, be cancelled, and it is also possible to disable cookies by following the pointers given in the sections dedicated to browser settings. Alternatively you can consult the website of the producer of the browser being used.

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