Domenico Cassano

Domenico Cassano is a senior manager with more then 30 years of experience, mainly in the GDO business. He worked for companies like  Metro, Auchan, Carrefour, Despar, La Rinascente.

His experience as a sales manager and his passion for people development allowed Domenico to be a succesful trainer for managers in Auchan Academy where he trained hundreds store managers.
Since 2012 he started his development as a coach and he received his coach training in Corporate CoachU Italia.

Domenico is an ICF Associate Certified Coach.
Since 2018 is the  ICF Local Ambassador in Puglia and in his role he promotes the coaching culture in his Region.

coach e trainer

Through Coaching he had the possibility to share his exstensive knowledge as well as his human approach towards a higher purpose: facilitating clients to become aware of their unique gifts and reach meaningful goals.

As a business coach he mainly works with entrepreneurs.

With his extensive experience as a trainer he offers workshop and training about soft skills and leadership.

Domenico experience in Retail allows him to develop and to manage complex projects that include Coaching, Training and Mentoring.

Domenico trust people and he loves to deeply listen to them. Respect, creativity and empathy are innate attitude for Domenico and he likes to consider them as a lift he received from his native land: Puglia.


Business coach - Soft skills trainer

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