Luciano Boccucci

Luciano Boccucci is a Certified Executive Coach, a Master Certified Coach and an agent of transformation and creative change.

He has gained solid experience in the facilitation of the processes of transformation, innovation and change, working for more than 18 years in global contexts with senior executives on the effective management of their leadership and has developed a new model of leadership focused towards integrating the development of creative thought and innovation within corporate behaviours: Catch Leadership.

Luciano Boccucci coach e trainer Menslab

He has a Master in Coaching, the certification of Licensed Coaching Clinic Facilitator and of Navigational Coaching for the facilitation of managerial coaching in organizations as well as being accredited for Executive Team Alignment Process for management of the executive team. He is the author of the book “Il coraggio di osare. Leadership e cambiamento creativo” (The courage to dare. Leadership and creative change), published by Guerini.