Mara Anita Bardellini

Mara Anita Bardellini is a Business, Life and Team Coach, with an ACC credential awarded by the International Coaching Federation, and boasts consolidated managerial experience mainly in the Sales & Marketing area.

She graduated cum laude in Economics and has worked for more than 20 years in Italian and multinational corporate contexts, performing roles of increasing responsibility, including Head of Sales for major companies in the Travel and Tourism industry.

In her professional career, Mara has been involved in several mergers and acquisition processes, leading her teams through significant phases of change and transformation.
She collaborates with the IULM University of Milan on Corporate Communication and Corporate Events Management courses.

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Today Mara, as a professional coach, drawing also on her corporate experience, supports individuals and organizations, through coaching paths aimed at maximizing their potential, strengthening transversal competencies, improving their performance, and implementing concrete actions to achieve desired goals.

Furthermore, she helps permanent and project teams to make processes and relationships more effective and to foster innovation and creativity.

Mara chooses to integrate the systemic approach into her coaching in order to accompany the client in using new points of observation, encouraging the recognition of mutual influences between systems of belonging (team, company, family and interest groups).

Common areas of focus include professional and personal change, leadership and soft skills development, interpersonal relationship improvement and time management.

Mara graduated with Menslab as a Systemic Evolutionary Coach and, as part of the course, completed specific training in Team Coaching 4.0.

Mara is a Licensed Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is qualified as an EQ Assessor and Brain Profile with Six Seconds to offer several emotional intelligence assessments, including the Leadership Report and SEI 360. She also promotes coaching as an ICF volunteer within the Italian Chapter (Lombardia).

She has recently completed the Mindfulness MBSR protocol to develop an increasing aptitude for deep listening and intentional, non-judgmental presence, elements in which she strongly believes and which form the basis of her coaching.


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Mara Anita Bardellini

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Mara Anita Bardellini

Mara Anita Bardellini

Mara Anita Bardellini