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Internal business academies, management training, and coaching and mentoring for businesses and organizations

Eager to see your investments in coaching and training produce concrete results?
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Seeking coaches and trainers who can help you to make a difference in the market?

The management training programs, academies for internal business coaches and mentors, and coaching programs for businesses and organizations developed by Menslab are intended to produce concrete results, making use of the most productive approaches for optimizing investments and developing business resources and teams.

Each path has been thought out, tested and perfected to guarantee the development of specific competencies and accompany those following the path in making active use of what they have learnt, promoting accountability, collaboration and motivation.

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Management training

Paths in strategic communication, coaching and mentoring competencies for managers, and public speaking. All the training has been developed through a systemic approach which, from the outset of the program’s design, takes account of the organizational dynamics to be considered, so that the training has a positive impact on the business and produces results.

In-house business academies

In-house business academies for mentors, to give value to experience and to the most expert personnel, maintain business know-how, and promote best practices. Training of internal coaches, to promote the culture of continuing learning, cooperation and individual accountability.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring paths, for individuals and teams, to accompany business resources in developing the best solutions and integrating best practices in order to produce noticeable and long-lasting results.

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