Personal and professional coaching

Programs in personal and professional coaching for learning to achieve excellent results

Coaching paths that enable anyone to find their own personal trainer and the methodology best adapted to reaching their goals.

What do I really want to achieve in my life?
What is truly important for me?
How can I recognize what my aim really is?
How can I acquire new perspectives that will allow me to think and act to gain what I want?
How can I achieve balance between the various important areas of my life?
How can I improve my professional results?

Coaching, by means of a professional partnership relationship, allows extremely clear definition of the desired goals, and an awareness of one’s own capacities, resources, motivational levers and thought strategies that will increase the possibility of gaining them.

By means of a coaching program the client learns to maintain his/her focus towards what is really important personally and continually improve, through new awareness drawn from interaction with the coach, his/her possibilities of action.

The coach is totally accountable for control of the process and the client is totally accountable for carrying out the actions that he/she has defined, using in daily life the awareness gained, and integrating through practice what has been learnt.

Menslab coaches offer various coaching programs and approaches

to those who choose them to accompany themselves in gaining the personal and professional results that they wish:

Systemic evolutionary coaching and mentoring program

A coaching program dedicated to those who wish to achieve concrete results, discover new possibilities for evolving as a person and think about the relationship and balance between the various areas of their life and the context in which they are placed.
This programme is particularly appropriate for those who wish to be the true protagonists in their coaching path, participating in every decision, even on the methodological choices of the conduct of the program and individual meetings.
The coaching programme can be accompanied by a mentoring program for the development of specific competencies, such as communication, time organization, and strategic thought.
The path develops over five or six months and provides for up to four meetings of one hour for each month, depending on the pace chosen by the client.

Coaching programs for specific results

Those who want to use coaching to teach themselves how to achieve specific results, as for example in pin-pointing their own characteristics for identifying their ideal work, developing strategies for effective communication, improving their own network of relationships, bettering their time-management…, can choose to take part in a targeted coaching program.
The coaching program is designed, both in terms of its length and in terms of the methodologies used, on the basis of the specific objective defined during the first meeting.
The programs can be developed over three to five months; the number of meetings is established, in the initial phase, on the basis of the topics to be dealt with and the activities to carry forward within the meetings.
The client can choose whether to begin a complete program with definite regular meetings or to have a package of hours to be used when a coaching interaction would be useful in continuing to take steps forward towards his/her goals.

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