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Training courses for personal and professional development

Courses on effective communication, public speaking, neuro-linguistic programming, and coaching competencies for gaining important personal and professional results.

What makes communication truly effective?
How can I feel confident when speaking in public?
What are the secrets of those who get results?
How can I maintain high motivation?

These and so many other questions find answers in Menslab’s training courses in effective communication, public speaking, and coaching competencies.

The programmes are directed to all those who want, for their personal and professional development, to gain access to the best training chosen by the professionals in the field.

Here are some of Menslab’s best programs

inn which participants are constantly those who are truly motivated to gain important results in their own life and work:

Strategies for evolving

A training course which enables learning of linguistic precision, the strategies of effective communication, and a very large number of techniques for controlling one’s own emotions and accessing tremendous resources. The path integrates the approaches of neuro-linguistic programming and coaching and makes it possible to obtain the international certification of NLP™ Licensed Master Practitioner of the Society of NLP™.

The secrets of excellence

A path aimed at those who have already completed “Strategies to evolve” and want to perfect themselves in persuasive communication as well as acquiring powerful tools to communicate in an elegant way and promote a positive approach to any situation, for themselves and for others, in order to quickly achieve the desired results. The path allows to obtain the international certification of NLP ™ Licensed Master Practitioner of the Society of NLP ™.

Inspiring presentations: win over the public with public speaking

A training course based on the most effective methodologies of public speaking to learn how to feel confident in front of an audience and to convey plainly and clearly a message that inspires and promotes action. The techniques of controlling one’s own internal states, useful tools for reinforcing one’s message, and creation of stories that will ‘capture’ the audience are some of the competencies that are learnt during this congenial and effective path.

Create the future

A training course that enables learning to use the competencies of professional coaches for oneself, through defining one’s own goals and designing a program to achieve them, through increasing the effectiveness of one’s own communication in personal and professional contexts. The program opens the way to developing an extremely efficient system of self-coaching, useful for identifying new possibilities and increasing one’s own personal and professional effectiveness and well-being.

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