In-house business academies

Establish excellent coaches and mentors inside your business to spread the culture of results, maintain the company’s know-how and promote co-workers’ sense of accountability and independence

Organizations and businesses have the opportunity of enriching themselves with new competencies and making use of the most effective methods of personal development, by creating a network of internal coaches and/or exploiting the experience of the best resources by offering them the possibility of becoming extremely successful mentors.

The development of a coaching network inside the business allows use to be made of the benefits of coaching, optimizing the investment, in particular training in the clear definition of goals, development of independence, assumption of personal accountability, and strategic thinking.

Training the best managers and professionals in the competencies of mentoring leads to maintaining the know-how of the business, motivating the more mature resources, speeding up the integration of new resources into the business, and accompanying those who are taking on new roles in holding them effectively.

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Our training programs for coaches within a business are built on the basis of the training programs for professional coaches which we have been offering since 2004.
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In-house coaching academies

Having professional coaches inside your business leads to spreading a culture of continuing growth, of results and success, optimising the investments.
Coaches within a business speak the language of the business and can make strong contributions to projects of change management and programs of development and expansion.
Menslab offers modular coach training programs, which are internationally recognized, to train coaches to the highest level and accompany them, when the business so wishes, to international certification.
All of Menslab’s coach trainers are certified at an international level and trained in the teaching of coaching and in supervision.

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Optimize your investments and achieve the concrete results of coaching for the organization by training professional in-house coaches.

Coaching for results

This is the course in which to learn the logic of the process of coaching and the competencies of coaches as defined by the ICF – the International Coach Federation – with particular attention to their use in business contexts.

Languages of precision

Coaching is based upon languages and a coach is only as successful as his use of a precise language that cuts straight to the essence, to open up new prospects and possibilities promoting accountability and motivation.

Systemic coaching

Businesses and organizations are a system which influences and is influenced by its component parts. Thanks to the systemic approach, clients following the coaching path become aware of their role in the system and, while achieving their goals and developing their independence, contribute to the growth and results of the whole business.

Training teams of excellence

This is training to become a team coach. Work-groups actually have their own functional dynamics, which can make them extremely productive or can hold them back. Learning team coaching means understanding and practising how to facilitate the team in finding their most effective communication strategies, analyses, decisions and motivation.

Ad hoc programs

On the basis of the results that the business sets itself to achieve from the use of a network of in-house business coaches, Menslab designs specific coaching and mentoring programs that provide the competencies, in an effective and immediately applicable way, for the internal coaches.

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In-house academies for business mentors

The training of internal business mentors guarantees to the organization the consolidation of their distinctive competencies and their speedy integration into the organization’s culture. Menslab’s paths of training for mentors are based on a systemic approach that is adapted to the organization’s culture and motivates the internal mentors by recognising the strategic nature of their role.

Train mentors to spread the distinctive competencies of your business
Mentoring is a process through which a professional, expert in a certain field or with deep knowledge of the true nature of a business, accompanies a resource, new to the business or to a specific role, towards rapidly gaining the distinctive competencies of the business and understanding how best to comport himself/herself in his/her business activities by following the values and culture of the business.

An increasing number of organizations choose their senior resources for training in mentoring, in this way turning into an opportunity the phenomenon of ageing – caused by the increasing length of time spent permanently in the business.

A process of mentoring, to be successful, requires the expert to possess specific competencies in learning and know how to manage the relationship with the mentees in an approach that allows them to develop their independence.

The implicit risk in the process of mentoring carried out by professionals who have not been trained in the specific methodology is that the professionals transform themselves into consultants and become the point of reference for all sorts of decisions, so limiting the growth of the very resources whom they have the duty of accompanying in their development.


Menslab’s in-house business academies for mentors guarantee the learning of a clear process of mentoring which, customized on the basis of the culture of the business, allows the definition of a precise program of development and training for the mentors, following the most effective methodologies for defining a plan of development, for managing the process of mentoring, and for monitoring the results.

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In-house business academies

Menslab’s international team is available for designing in-house business academies for management training and other academies – also in collaboration with international business schools – which respond to the development aims of business clients.

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