Summer school

Intensive summer courses for personal and professional development

Menslab’s summer school opens the way to learning and perfecting coaching, effective communication strategies, and the most innovative techniques for personal and professional development in a pleasant and relaxing environment, in the company of expert trainers and in a particularly motivated group.

Do you want to dedicate some days of your holiday to your evolution?
Do you want to bring yourself up-to-date or perfect yourself through intensive and effective training?
Do you want to give yourself your own space to remain concentrated on your results?

Menslab’s summer school, in a splendid location and with personal attention from expert coaches and trainers, allows you to develop your communicative effectiveness, learning coaching tools and, for expert coaches, interact with international experts.
During the summer school, the choice of so many people for their personal growth, of so many coaches for their self-improvement, and of so many professionals, managers and entrepreneurs for developing their competencies and bringing themselves up-to-date, you will be able to benefit from a training in excellence in an environment that facilitates learning.

The summer school, now in its seventh season, offers, in an intensive form, some of Menslab’s best training programmes, in a pleasant environment that facilitates practice and learning in a small highly motivated group eager to integrate and use immediately what has been learnt.

Participants in the summer school, thanks to the training practice model based on coaching and the most effective methodologies of training for adults, have the possibility of learning at their own pace, of choosing how deeply to deal with the contents, and of linking each new piece of learning to the concrete results that they wish to attain in their life.

Menslab’s summer school – 7th season

For the 2018 season, Menslab offers the possibility of:

Training in linguistic precision, gaining powerful tools and techniques, drawn from neuro-linguistic programming, which enable clear communication with oneself and with others, of whatever kind, in an interaction.

Learning the languages of well-being by developing a pleasant persuasive language, to use with oneself and others, for finding deep motivation and acquiring functional habits.

Deep understanding of the most effective approaches and techniques for personal and professional development, learning and practising the methodologies used in numerous disciplines.

Discover the secrets of the master coaches and teach yourself to use coaching competencies at the highest level, to promote your personal and professional evolution.

In the 2018 summer school season, in order to respond to the requests of people who want to obtain specific certification on neuro-linguistic programming, it will be possible, by combining participation in some of the seminars arranged, to obtain the international certification of NLP Licensed Practitioner and NLP Licensed Master Practitioner awarded by the Society of NLP and signed by Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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