Diploma in mentor coaching and supervision

The mentor coaching and supervision training and certification program, developed by an international Master Certified Coach team, is addressed to expert coaches and coach trainers

A complete training path – of more than 50 hours – which leads to the diploma in mentor coaching and supervision and enables learning of the process and all competencies used to offer effective paths to accompany coaches in their evolution.

What is the difference between mentor coaching and supervision?
What are the specific competencies of a mentor coach and of a supervisor?
How is a process of mentoring and supervision designed and managed?
What are the best practices in mentoring and in supervision?

These questions, together with others, will find answers in the training and certification programme for mentor coaches and supervisors.

The training enables the exploration and practice of mentoring and supervision in all its facets and learning to manage a complete process of mentor coaching and supervision.

The program is intended for expert coaches and trainers who hold an ICF coaching credential or its equivalent.

During the path it will be possible to interact with different expert mentor coaches, all holding the credential of Master Certified Coach awarded by the ICF.

Given below are the stages for gaining the mentor coach and supervisor diploma:
Application and designing of an individual development plan as a mentor coach and supervisor

To make the training programme extremely effective and aimed at the true learning objectives of each of the participants, an activity preparatory to the training phases is required.

Every participant will complete an online application in which he/she will indicate his/her main learning objectives, past experience as a mentor coach and supervisor, the competencies he/she considers he/she has already developed and those which he/she thinks it will be useful to gain during the training process.

Following receipt of the application the participant will receive a link to a recorded coaching session and an evaluation form for the observed use of coaching competencies and coach style. Starting from these elements the participant will be invited to propose a possible programme of supervision to offer to the coach whose session he/she heard.

Once this activity has been completed, the participant will receive the master coach’s valuation of the same session, so that it can be compared with that completed individually by the participant.

From analysis of the points in common and the differences, the participant will be invited to indicate the three main learning results looked for during the progress of the training and certification program.

Inspiring mentoring: principles and techniques of mentor coaching and effective supervision

3 Day in-person workshop (22.5 CCE hours approved by the ICF)

In-person training has the objective of creating very solid bases for specific techniques, methodologies and, above all, individual attitudes for creating an effective mentor coaching and supervision relationship.

During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn the specific listening required for a supervisor for: (1) identifying the coach’s already developed competencies/attitudes, on which to build further evolution, (2) recognizing the specific coach’s areas of development in view of his/her level of professional maturity, and (3) identifying which competencies should be prioritized for development for that specific coach.

During the days of training participants will be able to practise the different techniques and methodologies of mentor coaching and supervision and, compatibly with the trainer’s opportunities for direct observation, will receive supervision and mentoring both on their own coaching and on their mentoring and supervision practice.

Particular attention will be paid, for mentor coaching, on the best practices in partnership as defined by jointly by the ACTO – Association of Coach Training Organizations, and the ICF – International Coach Federation.

The workshop will lay down solid methodological bases for the following phases of the training.

Coaching, mentoring and supervision: the secrets of the masters.

Interactive Videoconferencing. 5 videoconferences of 1.5 hours each (7.5 CCE hours approved by the ICF)

A mentor coach and supervisor’s effectiveness develops, as well as on solid competencies, through experience. Mentor coaches and supervisors, like coaches, develop, besides, their own styles and have specific areas of excellence.

The greater depth interactive videoconferences have been designed to allow the program’s participants access to the experience of various expert supervisors.

In each videoconference the participants will be able to listen to the best practices of a number of the most expert international supervisors and mentor coaches, who will offer their perspective on supervision and answer the participants’ questions.

All the mentor coaches and supervisors taking part in the webinars are Master Certified Coaches and expert trainers, coming from various coaching schools.

The diversity of their coaching backgrounds will be particularly enriching and will facilitate recognition of the competencies common to all expert coaches, beyond the model of reference and personal style.

To allow participants the greatest benefit from this contribution of excellence, the videoconferences will be recorded and made available in a reserved area throughout the training path.

Inspiring learning: creating excellent learning contexts and defining the mentoring and individual supervision program.

Distance learning. Listening, evaluation and feedback of 4 coaching sessions and 4 interactive videoconferences for going over the experiences (15 CCE hours approved by the ICF)

A program of mentor coaching is a journey of discovery and learning that generates the best results when carefully prepared.
Developing competence in mentoring and supervision requires the capacity to objectify, as far as possible, the identification of competencies expressed by the coach during supervision and to create – in complete partnership with the mentee/supervisee – the best evolutionary path.
Both mentor coaching and supervision require the mentor coach/supervisor to listen to real coaching sessions carried out by the coach under supervision, so as to be able to base the path of development upon objective facts.

In this phase of the program, which will begin immediately after the in-person workshops, participants will receive, at intervals of about three weeks, 4 actual coaching sessions of 30 minutes which they can ‘evaluate’ by using a specific observation panel to fill in online.
As well as evaluation of competencies, the participants will be invited to write detailed development feedback and to hypothesize a program of mentor coaching and supervision for this coach.

For recognizing their own areas of development, following each evaluation form filled in, the participants will receive a file of syntheses that will highlight their personal position – for each competence evaluated – compared to the average of the group in training and to the evaluation of some of the program’s facilitators.
Following each evaluation experience, feedback and construction of the mentoring/supervision plan, a videoconference will enable interaction with colleagues and facilitators to consolidate the learning.

Path of certification

Distance learning. 5 hours. Listening, evaluation and feedback of one sessions of coaching, design of a proposed program of mentor coaching and supervision and a report on material learnt.

At the end of all the preceding phases there will be a final exam of consolidation.

All the participants will evaluate a coaching session of 30 minutes and receive feedback that will enable them to identify, for every evaluated factor, their own position compared to the evaluations made by the group of participants.

As well as this test, participants will prepare a report in which they will highlight the main points they have learnt during the training path, their objectives as mentor coaches and supervisors, and their own plans for personal and professional development to continue to improve as mentor coaches and supervisors

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