What are the characteristics of coaching that works?

Coaching that works, according to Menslab, is that which enables the client to set off from true awareness of his objectives

and then to decide which strategies to use, which competencies to develop, and which other elements to change in order to open up new possibilities that will allow him/her to move in the direction of the results which he/she desires in his/her life and profession.

In Menslab’s more than fifteen years of experience we have learnt that the coaching characteristics that produce concrete results are based on solid professional competencies:

The capacity to define, in partnership with the client, clear results to be reached;
The clear definition of agreements which establish the role of the coach and that of the client;
The effective use of language;
The management of the learning processes;
The ability to hear who the client is, as a human being, and what the context is in which he/she operates;
Attention to empowering ability;
Awareness of communicative strategies that allow challenging of dysfunctional models of thought;
Continuing attention to favouring the client’s independence and accountability;
The competence used to enable the client to learn new thought strategies;
The continuing invitation to practice;
The ability to facilitate learning from experience;
Attention to producing concrete results.
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